Monday, May 28, 2007

- Right Place Right Time Wrong Speed: UPDATE #2

John Horne has updated his site, inciuding, wisely, a link to this blog.

One of my students came up with the word reavailablise the other day. Amazingly, that describes perfectly what has happened over at Right Place Right Time Wrong Speed, the following shows being made available once again:


-30th May 1984: The night Liverpool won the European Cup. (Ok, so this is where I got it from)

-14th August 1967: The final Perfumed Garden in five parts.

-1979 Festive 50: Top 10 (he got this one from me)

-31st December 1975: Session by Ivor Cutler (and this one)

-12th December 1979 - part 1: Session by The Flys.

-12th December 1979 - part 2: Session by The Flys.

-10th December 1976: Punk special (best Peel show ever)

-2nd September 2003: Session by The Blueskins


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