Monday, December 22, 2008

- Countdown to Festive Season #8: All New 1976 Part One - 50 to 36

Welcome to 1976 from David Soul

So here we go then with part one of the 2008 1976 Festive Fifty. I think you'll find it's somewhat different to the original chart. In this first part, we'll be going from #50 through to # 36.

Here's the link to part one (50 to 36):

Download the file

54 minutes and 51 mb. Alternatively, listen now:

I couldn't get hold of mp3s for #47 or #45, so you can get hold of them by clicking here (45) and here (47). Thanks to Steve, these are also now available in mp3 format (see comments for details).


So It Goes said...

At last! the moment we've all been waiting for. I have converted those mp4s for you, Adamski, and they are here and here. Thanks for this poll, buddy, the most original in years.

entrailicus said...

Thanks for that. Looking forward to your next installment with baited breath!

So It Goes said... no. 49. Of course Peel would have played it (it says here). Incidentally, I did a mental double take on this, because I mentioned in my 1977 article that it was the best-selling single of that year...but a check explained that it wasn't released till mid December 1976.
It's still shite.

dickvandyke said...

Dont give up on us, Stevie.

Really enjoying this list Adam. Shows that there is wheat and chaff in every year. Some songs I'd forgotten that seem to have existed in a parallel universe and some I'd not heard before.

Many thanks.

entrailicus said...

You're more than welcome. Have to say that there are some real treats in store, particularly in the top 20.

BTW Steve, how did you convert the files?

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