Saturday, June 20, 2009

- Entrailicus vs Mark E Smith #1

Smith on the left, me on the right

While the family are away on holiday and I'm left home waiting for the academic year to draw to a close, I have been spending way too much time fiddling around on the computer. Fortunately, not all of that time has been a complete waste, at least I hope you'll agree with me, as I've cobbled together the following track.

Although more people get to work with Mark E Smith than would be the case of a member of any band other than The Fall, the time comes when you realise that your chances of ever being in the band are fairly limited. Luckily for the computer techno geeks among us, lord Smith has a couple of spoken word albums for us to sample from.

I've been intending to give it a go putting samples and loops to a Smith vocal for ages and have finally completed the first track of what I optimistically hope will become a full album worth of tracks. This first effort is entitled 'Chocolate tourizt findz art muzeum' and features the track 'The CD in your hand' from Mark E Smith's spoken word album 'The post nearly man', along with various royalty free samples from the SONY Loops and samples collection, namely 'Blip: Glitch Electronica', 'Bradley Fish: Unstrung' and 'Cinematix Vol. 1'. Consequently, the only person who could legally make any dosh from this is Mark E Smith. I hope this will become viable because I also invite all of you to remix the bugger and do a better job than I've done.

Entrailicus vs Mark E Smith- Chocolate tourizt findz art muzeum

Download the samples and have a go yourself (link now fixed). If you do a remix, please let me know.


vex said...

I've been visiting your site for some time now, and a while back I *finally* sat down and listened to one of your podcasts (#13) in its entirety!

Last week I went and got "I Am Kurious Oranj" from the library. I can't get over how great an album that is. Thanks for the introduction.


entrailicus said...

This comment alone has made all my efforts worth it. Thanks.

vex said...

I should've done a long time ago!

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