Thursday, March 13, 2008

- Fitting Tribute #1

John Peel restaurant

'Steak & Seafood Are Our Specialty But We Have A Menu To Satisfy The Most Discriminate Of Palates.'

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

- Worst Album Covers

Download this pdf and look on in horror:

Download the file

All my friends are dead?!!?!?!? The karatist preacher?!?!?!?!?!

Monday, March 10, 2008

- Big Ozine UPDATE #8

Another week, another phenomenal collection of free mp3s over at the Big Ozine:

-Lou Reed: Stockholm 1974

-Peter Tosh: Equal Rights Demos

-Black Flag: Last Show 1986

-Jeff Buckley: Grace Outtakes

-Ike and Tina Turner: River Deep, Mountain High Outtakes

-Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood: Them Changes

-Don McLean: New York 1971

-Roger Waters: Verona 2006

-If: Stockholm 1972

-Ryan Adams: Paris 2007

-Laura Veirs: Winchester 2004

-Led Zeppelin: O2 Arena 2007

-Santana: Port Chester 1970

-Damien Jurado: KEXP 2007

-Steely Dan: The Royal Scam Outtakes

-Yo La Tengo: Hoboken 2005

-Jimi Hendrix & Stephen Stills: White Nigger

-Santana: Seattle 1972

-Jackie-O Motherfucker: London 2006

-The Police: Macau 2008

-Lucinda Williams: Strawberry Music Festival 2007

-The Jam: Set The Skies Ablaze

-The Police: Rio De Janeiro 2007 & Montreal 1983

-Gunter Hampel With Jeanne Lee: Jazzland Vienna 1973

-Patti Smith & A Silver Mt Zion: Montreal 2007

Like I always say, remember to read the articles too!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

- Mark E. Smith in Rare Agreeable Interview Mode

I met Gaz Top once and, let me assure you, he was an absolute twat. You know when someone famous expects you to be in awe of them because they’re famous, well, hopefully you don’t but that was what Gaz Top was like. This is why it’s even more of a surprise to me that Mark E. Smith gives such a coherent and respectful interview here. Did Brix have such a calming influence on him?

I don’t know a great deal about this show, called APB, apart from the fact that it was ‘short-lived, although I can confirm that this broadcast is from 1988. There’s a brief clip of an Adult Net song, which confirms my belief that Brix’s best work was her contribution to the Fall. Feel free to argue her worth…

Download the file

File size: 15 mb

Saturday, March 8, 2008

- Northern Soul Treat

Lovers of Northern Soul that I know you all are, I'm sure you'll be eager to head over to the marvellous Watchification Blog and watch the vintage 1977 documentary on Wigan casino.

Friday, March 7, 2008

- We are the Robots

Geniuses or piss artists? Innovators or serial one-hit wonders? I’ve always been fascinated by Kraftwerk but have never been sure where they stand in the whole scheme of things. Where would they have been without Bowie’s endorsement, for example? Whatever you think, you have to note that their impact was huge.

Krafwerk redfine music #1

I remember somebody took us to a club in 1977 when Trans-Europe Express was out. It was in a loft club in New York, after hours; just as the DJ culture was starting when DJs began making their own records and their own grooves. This DJ was taking sections from Metal On Metal from Trans-Europe Express, so I thought, 'Oh, they're playing the new album'. But it went on for ten minutes! And I thought, 'What's happening?!' The track is only something like two or three minutes! Later, I asked the DJ; he had two copies of the record and he was mixing the two, and of course it could go on as long as people were dancing.’

Farley "Jackmaster" Funk

Many people think – wrongly – that Afrika Bambaataa’s "Planet Rock" used samples from Kraftwerk songs. While this was a major defining hit for hip hop and the birth of electro music, the song merely contains copied elements of "Trans-Europe Express" and "Numbers", as it would have required the early 80s equivalent of a super computer and approximately one shit load of money to generate the samples. Numerous artists have continued to sample and borrow from Kraftwerk's work subsequently, of course.

Some Germans, yesterday
On a scale of 1 to 10, how German are these people?

Krafwerk redfine music #2

I suppose we influenced Bowie; at least, that's what he told us. He told us that when he first came to Germany, he heard Autobahn continuously on his car radio. We met in Germany, when he was casting about for a place to work, and we suggested he try Berlin. So we provided inspiration of a sort - electronic spirituality! As far as the British artists you mentioned are concerned, we did several very long tours in England, where we met some of those musicians in clubs. For us, it was wonderful to experience this type of interest. Before, we had always been considered outsiders, and suddenly we were on the inside.’

Ralf Hütter

The band are legendarily reclusive and freaky, we are led to believe. The documentary mentions an incident between Johnny Marr and Karl Bartos, who explained that anyone trying to contact the band for collaboration would be told the studio telephone did not have a ringer, since during recording, the band did not like to hear any kind of noise pollution. Instead, callers were instructed to phone the studio precisely at a certain time, whereupon the phone would be answered by Ralf Hütter, despite never hearing the phone ring.

My guess is that this was originally aired in 2001 or 2002 (please confirm) as there is mention of the somewhat underwhelming Expo 2000 but not of the ‘comeback’ album Tour de France Soundtracks:

Lazy bastards
17 bloody years we waited for this

Download the bbc documentary:

Download the file

File length: 28 mins
Size: 26 mb

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

- Milan 0-2 Arsenal

Don't get me wrong, I hate Arsenal, I just hate Milan more. This was a fantastic achievement, whatever. Watch the video clip, for Adebayor's magnificent afro if nothing else, or download it:

Download size: 4 mb

Download the file

- Stupid Useless Bastard

I figure the more coverage this article gets under the headline 'stupid useless bastard', the better:

Comment over on Teenage Kicks, not here.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


After toying with the idea for too long to remember, I've finally put together the first of what may become a series of podcasts. Excuse the crap mutterings between songs and enjoy the music:

Statsera Shake

The Playlist:

- French Church - Slapneck 1943 (60’s Scarcest Garage Records (pt. 1 & 2))

- Tom Ze & Tortoise – Nave Maria (KCRW, Los Angeles, California, USA, May 27, 1999)

- The Novas – The Crusher (Rockabilly psychosis and the garage disease )

- Mikey Dread – Dread at the Controls (1982 Peel session)

- Joji Yuasa - Projection Esemplastic (For White-Noise) (Experimental Music Of Japan)

- Von Südenfed – Speech Contamination (German Fear of Österreich) (Tromatic Reflexxions)

- Sir Joe Qauterman & Free Soul - So Much Trouble On My Mind (Classic Funk Mastercuts)

- Young John Watson - Space Guitar (Loose Ends)

- The krontjong Devils - Black Boots (War of the Surf Guitars)

- The Rogers - Non Chiederò Aiuto (Stasera Shake)

- Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band – Moonlight on Vermont (Trout Mask Replica)

Duration: 43 mins
File size: 59 mb

Download the file

Monday, March 3, 2008

- Gazza: a tribute

The man has his problems but he remains England's greatest ever player.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

- Rise and Fall of the Festive 50

There's an article discussing the Rise and Fall of the Festive 50 on the Pitchfork website here.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

- Entrailicus continues to fob off readers with his remixes

The name of this track is 'Ugly', the name of my remix is 'The Pink Flamingo Mix'. Download it if you dare, put it on your own blog if you feel so inclined:

Download the file

The mix was born of a frustration with the original (can you remember the artist?) and a love of the vocal on the other sampled track (again, can you guess/remember/identify?).

Please remember that I've not received permission from anyone who owns the original tracks so download it quickly before I get into trouble.


Answers in the form of  comments, please, with some reference to Sheena Easton if possible.

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