Friday, May 4, 2007

- The penultimate Top Gear Show, September, 1975

Surprisingly little is written about the Top Gear radio show, even wikipedia isn't very helpful. Consequently, the best I can say is that this show is from some time in September, 1975. Having just turned two at the time, I can't rely on my own memory to confirm this fact.

It's a really hot day here today, and I think the heat's gone to my brain, as I've done, quite frankly, a pretty poor job of transcribing the track listing for this one. Lots of help needed filling in the gaps.

Track listing

-The Faces - Stay with me (from a 1971 session)
-Steeleye Span - A Buddy Holly song whose name escapes me (from an unidentified session)
-Lindisfarne - your guess is undoubtedly going to be much better than mine (track introduced but fades out after a few seconds)
-Family - The Cat and the Rat (track fades in during the last few seconds)
-Roxy Music - Peel mentions the lineup in great detail but neglects to tell us what the track is called (from a 1972 session)
-Syd Barrett - Gigolo Aunt
-Steeleye Span - First minute of the track only

Peel sounds great on this one, really strait-laced. I guess he was still in full 'this is a public service broadcast' mode at this time. I wonder if he did his programs like this to give the music he was playing more credibility. Shame he's not around for me to ask him.

Download the washy mediumwave extravaganza here.

Like many of you other crazy Peel obsessives, I've got the final Top Gear show, too. For the sake of those who don't yet have it, I'll be posting it sometime next week.

Thanks to the anonymous contributor who has filled in the gaps in my fairly poor effort to supply a track listing.


Anonymous said...

Syd Barrett - five start nutter - nice one

Anonymous said...

>>I've got the final Top Gear show, too.
>>For the sake of those who don't yet have it,
>>I'll be posting it sometime next week

Looking forward to it :-)

Anonymous said...

The Buddy Holly song done by Steeleye Span is "Rave On"....

Anonymous said...

The title's you're searching for are:

2. Steeleye Span - Rave On.
3. Lindisfarne - Lady Eleanor (I dunno about you but I'm pretty impressed I could identify that from one chord!)
5. Roxy Music - If There is Something
7. Steeleye Span - I think that one's Lark in the Morning - it's certainly from the same 1969 session as Rave On.

entrailicus said...

Thanks a lot for your help. Enjoy the show...

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