Wednesday, December 5, 2007

- Peel's History of Traditional English Folk Music (PARTS 1 to 3)

I confess, I’ve never been the biggest fan of folk music. Having said that, I’ve often lamented the fact that there isn’t a stronger base of traditional English music in contemporary culture. As many of the regular readers of my irregularly posted blog will know, I live and work in Turkey. One thing that constantly amazes me is the ease in which a group of Turks will break out into song and that everyone will know all of the words. This is something I only ever really experienced around the time that Oasis released ‘Don’t look back in anger’ and ‘Wonderwall’, hardly the same.

This series of Peel-narrated documentaries, originally aired in August & September 1999, are bloody good. Chris, who sent me the end of year ’77 show, was also responsible for making these documentaries public, as well as permanently changing my perspective of this musical genre, for which I'm very greatful:

Part 1: The late Victorian era and the First World War

Download part 1

Part 2: To the fifties and the American influence

Download part 2

Part 3: The boom years of the late sixties and early seventies

Download part 3

There are another 3 parts, which I’ll post on the blog after I’ve given them a listen.

Thanks again to Chris for these.


Rich said...


So It Goes said...

Nice one, Adam! Thank Chris too, I was too busy dealing with Social Services in that year to listen to the radio, so this is a welcome treat.

Anonymous said...

Excellent - thanks !
Peely really did have a very wide
spectrum of musical tastes

Fruitier Than Thou said...

Thanks... The problem with folk is if you see a gig labelled as FOLK you think ... Might be interesting but the adding of just one simple word.. FOLK "ROCK" fills me with dread that can't be spoken

Anonymous said...

I love "folk rock". Listen to
"Parcel of Rogues" by Steeleye or
"Liege and Lief" by Fairport and tell me you don't like it ! I suppose that if you're not interested in history or the countryside ........

cuppatea said...

I never knew Peel did this so I look forward to hearing these tracks

domestic empire said...

Finally getting around to downloading this. Ought to link to it on jped too.

Thanks Chris. Thanks Adam.

Manila said...

There should be a statue to John Peel. A quiet, humble man, but a giant of British broadcasting and a true music lover. Thank you Chris and Adam (I hope that's right - this is my first visit to this blog.) I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing this.

cushpot said...

Hey man, any chance of a re-up of parts 2 & 4? I've been trying to download for weeks now but these 2 links never work :-(
The rest of the episodes are though as you say bloody good, cheers!

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