Sunday, January 24, 2010

- Introducing... The Green Police

American novelist Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., who blended satire, black comedy, and science fiction, was well known for his humanist beliefs and was the honorary president of the American Humanist Association. Indeed, in Vonnegut's final work, the short story, ‘Armageddon in Retrospect’, the Oklahoma town of Verdigris is featured as the headquarters of the United Nations Demonological Investigating Committee, or UNDICO. The town is named after the Verdigris River; the name being derived from the French words for ‘green’ and ‘gray’. Nearby Claremore, in contrast, takes the name from an Osage chief called ‘Gra-moi’. French traders in the area pronounced the town’s name ‘Clairmont’, which means ‘mountain with a clear view’. OK, geography lesson over.

From these origins come The Green Police, a four piece garage rock band composed of Duss Rosencutter on vocals and guitar, Drew ‘the Screw’ Wilson on guitar, Chris Pixley on bass and Evan Campbell on drums. Although you can hear the influences of archetypal punk bands like the Buzzcocks, their style also pays homage to the classic garage and surf music of the 1960s. Go a little beyond this and you even hear the spirit of Johnny Cash in their fast paced songs. They not be, as their name suggests, the environmentalists of the future, but their music is energetic and a lot of fun. Learn more about the Green Police.

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