Sunday, June 22, 2008

- First Killing Joke Session: 29th October, 1979

With no action from the much-loved Perfumed Garden blog since last August, I think I'll start posting some of the many sessions I have in the archive, starting with this beauty.

In late 1979, Killing Joke began the Malicious Damage record label with graphic artist Mike Coles as a way to press and sell their music; Island Records distributed the records, until Malicious Damage switched to E.G. Records in 1980. The songs on Killing Joke's early singles were proto punk rock, sometimes mixed with funk ("Nervous System") and dub/reggae ("Turn to Red") styles. Their 'Nervous System/Turn To Red' EP came to the attention of John Peel, who was keen to champion the band's sound and gave them extensive airplay. This session dates from this era, and was the first of five the band did for Peel

Track list in no particular order

-Psyche (which went on to be a three-time festive fifty track)
-Nuclear Boy
-Malicious Boogie

Line up

Jazz Coleman (Keyboards, Vocals)
Geordie Aka A. Lizzard (Guitar, Vocals)
Big Paul (Drums, Vocals)
Youth (Bass, Vocals)
Disco Whoop (Backing Vocals-Malicious Boogie only)

Download the file

File size: 11 mb

Expect more of the Killing Joke sessions soon.


Anonymous said...

Great session and a great blog.

entrailicus said...

You're welcome - nice work on saving the TEFL profession!

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