Tuesday, October 14, 2008

- 14th March, 1992

Another complete show, this time from the collection of Ken Garner. In his own words:

Here's a complete show from early 1992 which featured heavily in chapter 1 of In session Tonight. This was the show which featured the debut `freakout' session by Spiritualized, and several other scoops as well: three tracks from The Fall's new 12-inch; three tracks from the forthcoming new LP by P J Harvey `Dry'; three tracks from the new Pavement LP `Slanted and Enchanted'; three from The Meathooks; and a repeat of Leatherface's session. Added to that in the first ten minutes a treat for those trying to collect everything in John Peel's Singles Box, I think. All in all, with the benefit of hindsight this is clearly a very newsworthy, busy and noisy show. Enjoy!

Download links:

Peel 1992-03-14a

Peel 1992-03-14b

Peel 1992-03-14c

Peel 1992-03-14d

Instant gratification video clips:

Possibly the sexiest song ever.

This be the Peel session version of 'Secret Knowledge Of Backroads'


Onion Terror said...

Thanks for posting the shows. I'm always on the look-out for early 90s shows as they are quite hard to find many of.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'm sure it will either bring back happy memories or create new ones ! Cheers.
Blue Koyote.

Anonymous said...

The link for part c stopped working. Anyone have a new link?

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