Tuesday, June 24, 2008

- Breeders Session, 20th or 22nd January, 1990

One of my favourite sessions, this one, and not just because I fancy Kim Deal. This is all the more special for being the broadcast version complete with JP intros.

The Breeders' began when Kim Deal, at that time bassist of the Pixies, began writing new material while the band were in Europe with Throwing Muses, some time around the Surfer Rosa era. With neither band having plans, Deal discussed possible side projects with Throwing Muses guitarist Tanya Donelly. Thus the Breeders came to be.

While some side projects turn out to be well and truly crap, I’ve always kind of preferred them to the Pixies or Throwing Muses, and not just because I fancy Kim Deal. Peel speaks of a Snub Television TV appearance around the time, which I remember watching and may still have on a video tape somewhere, that’s if I didn’t tape over it with the England – Cameroon quarter final.


When I Was A Painter
Fortunately Gone


Kim Deal singing and guitaring
Tanya Donelly guitaring
Josephine Wiggs bassing
Possibly / probably Britt Walford drumming

Download the file

File size:11mb


So It Goes said...

Thanks to the fact that I've just received Ken's astounding Peel tome, I can tell you that the recording date of this was definitely 22 Jan 1990, the broadcast 7 Feb. And the drummer was Shannon Doughton.
By the way, Adam, do you like Kim Deal, by any chance???

entrailicus said...

Is it that obvious? I've requested Ken's book for my university library so should finally get a copy some time in the next 5 years.

domestic empire said...

I'll take it (";)

Thank you kindly.

domestic empire said...

Don't tell me you haven't a copy of the book either Adam!!??

Now what's your excuse?

entrailicus said...

Pretty good one - there's not a single copy in the whole of Turkey, nor, it would seem, any chance of me getting it even from the dreaded amazon.com

Blue Koyote said...

Great post, thanks for making this available.

Is 128Kbps the standard MP3 for this site ? Just, it'd be nice to get a 192 or above version, for playing through a Hi-Fi.

Leon said...

I picked up Hag that was tagged as an peel session. Is this correct?

BTW that first picture of Kim is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I fancy Kim Deal too.

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