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- Ub40’s Debut: 2nd January, 1980

A boyish UB40 on TotP

UB40 have a famously fabulous story with regards to how they got together, the members being friends who knew each other from various colleges and schools across Birmingham. Their name "UB40" was chosen in reference to the paper form issued by the UK government's Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS) at the time of the band's formation for claiming unemployment benefit (Unemployment Benefit, Form 40). Legend has it that even before any of them could play their instruments, Ali Campbell and Brian Travers travelled the streets of Birmingham promoting the band, putting up UB40 posters. The band purchased its first instruments from Woodroffe's Musical Instruments with £4,000 in compensation money that Campbell, who would become the lead singer, received after a bar fight during his 17th birthday celebration. Within a year they had learned how to play said instruments and were on the way to becoming the biggest reggae band ever. Ali Campbell has recently left the band, allegedly to be replaced by Maxi Priest. This is classic era UB40, enjoy...

PiL on the Old Grey Whistle Test

Don’t have much to say about PiL, but it’s a fine tune and a great ‘Whistle Test’ clip.

This is the first hour of the show for that night.

Track listing

Ian North – Don’t dance
The roaring 80s – apparently
Elvis Costello and the attractions - I can’t stand up
Public Image Limited – Poptones
UB40 – Food for thought
The Clash - I'm Not Down
The Beatles – I’n Down
Captain Beefheart - Son of Mirror Man - Mere Man
Lonny and the Devotions - Jocko Home
Andy Capp - Popatop
Mental as Anything – The Nipos are Getting Bigger
Simple Minds – Real to Real
Simple Minds – Naked Eye
UB40 – King
British Shoes – Running from Mummy
PiL – Chant (first ten seconds only)

Great to hear the legendary Popatop on a Peel show... here's probably the best youtube clip ever

A beautiful 45rpm single, yesterday

Peel received numerous death threats from the National front for playing Popatop. Mental as Anything went on to find success with their theme song to the film Crocodile Dundee. I refuse to comment on Simple Minds, although this was one of their most critically acclaimed albums for anyone interested.

Download the file

Duration: 61 mins
File size: 56 mb

Glaring errors, as ever, to be rectified in the comments section below!



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Hi FiS,

On behalf of Reflex Muzic and UB40, many thanks for plugging "TwentyFourSeven" (UK street date 16th June) ... .. and thanks, also, on behalf of the label and UB40 for not posting any pirate links to unreleased material, although, if you / your readers want good quality, non-pirated, preview tracks, a selection of full-length, official previews shall shortly be available for free downloading off UB40’s web-site, that fans and bloggers shall then be very welcome to post / host / file-swap etc in advance of next month’s official release of the full / 17 track album (check-out for details on 24/7 and the band’s 2008 shows).

To clarify the suggested / requested guidelines for 24/7, if you have a copy of the Mail on Sunday, 10 track promo, both Reflex and UB40 have requested that fans and bloggers simply keep these for personal use and do not post / file-exchange copies on-line … .. that being said and, again, as a goodwill gesture to fans and bloggers, the official preview tracks shall be available for free downloading off UB40’s site very shortly.

Many thanks for your support and for respecting UB40’s wishes.



So It Goes said...

What the fuck is he on about? You didn't!!!
Spam has plumbed new depths.

Ed said...

Given where UB40 came from, not just musically, but also politically, I am appalled that they have aligned themselves with the Mail on Sunday, the newspaper that is the sunday version of a daily paper that cheered on Oswald mosely seventy yeasr ago, and has not got any better since.

sorry to rant. Don;t know what web sheriff is on about.

Good post, though...

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