Monday, February 25, 2008

- 28th April 1982, probably a Wednesday

One of the many reasons we love the Peel News Group:

Side one of the C90

Download the file

Side two

Download the file

Haven't had a chance to download and listen to them myself yet. Comments and track listing appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Thenks.....good Peel show as usual

Wednesday 28th April 1982 (side One)

Altered Images - Pinky Blue

Altered Images - Forgotten

Untouchables - Rat Patrol

Vernon Girls - Don't Look Now, But

Twin Sets - Johnny Come Home

The Cure - A Short Term Effect

ADC Band - Roll With The Punches

King Stitt & The Dynamites - Herbsman Shuffle

Bauhaus - Three Shadows (part two)

Cook The Books - This Is Not The Time

Associates - Club Country

Altered Images - Little Brown Head

Hi Fi Brothers - Going Out Of My Head

Twin Sets - Stranded In The Jungle

Jeanie & Tash - The Ladies Side

The Decendents - I Like Food

Bauhaus - The Party Of The First Part

Sir Lord Comic & His Cowboys - Skaing West

Part 2 soon....

Anonymous said...

Wednesday 28th April 1982 side 2
(Sessions from Bauhaus & The Twin Sets)

Minimal Man - Blue Step

The Blue Orchids - Wait

Twin Sets - Suspicious Minds

Cabaret Voltaire - War Of Nerves

Swinging Laurels - Bang Bang....Is Anybody There ?

Bauhaus - Departure

Altered Images - Jump Jump

Gang Of Four - I Love A Man In A Uniform

Purrkur Pillnikk - Fullkomnun

The Cure - A Strange Day

Twin Sets - I Remember You

The Business - Disco Girls

Altered Images - See You Later

Altered Images - Song Sung Blue

entrailicus said...

Thanks for the sterling work, Anonymous.

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