Tuesday, May 15, 2007

- Mark E. Smith - Rough and Ready at 50!

The BBC also (fairly) recently celebrated the career of someone who did make it to fifty, although if you can find anyone who's aged more badly than Mark E. Smith, please tell me!

Frank Skinner, filled with trepidation, finally meets his hero. Smith is notoriously unpredictable in interviews, and you can imagine the effect that it could have on you if your music hero turned out to be less than you hoped for. Skinner does a fairly good job of trying to be objective to begin with, although there's a bit of hero worship in there towards the end. How Smith can suggest he looks bad for his age is beyond me.

The gig that Frank Skinner attends took place at the Robin in Bilston, on 5th March, 2007. If you want a copy of this gig, it is available here, courtesy of the Perfumed Garden.

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