Monday, May 7, 2007

- The Final Top Gear, a Thursday in September, 1975

Peel in 1974

More great stuff in this one. Peel talks about the new format late night show that would begin the following week and which, sadly, is probably lost forever. It's a shame, as it would be great to hear Keith Moon introducing the Who LP.

Track Listing

-Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown
-Tyrannosaurus Rex - Ride a White Swan
-Joe Cocker - Delta Lady
-Pink Floyd - Day Breaks (sadly this fades out after a few seconds)
-Bonzo Dog Band - a track fades in in its last few seconds
-Fairport Convention - Percy's Song
-Jethro Tull - Peel neglects to give us the title of the track (sorry, I've never been much of a Tull fan)
-Maggie Bell - Stone the Crows

Another highlight is hearing Peel at his diplomatic best when discussing his by this time fully disintegrated relationship with Marc Bolan.

Download the show here. Does anyone know if the BBC have a vault somewhere with all of Peel's shows on tape? If so, where can I get the key? As ever, help completing the track listing will be appreciated.


DuffPaddy said...

Nice to see another Peel blog out there: welcome!

BTW, I have another recording of this show on a cassette tape (thanks Colin). Although it's missing some of the bits in this version, it does contains a fair bit more of the show, including the missing Bonzo and Floyd tracks above, the final sign-off, etc. I've been meaning to merge this version and mine for some time now, but sadly I don't have the technology to encode my tape (no 'line in' on the laptop sound card). One of these days...

DuffPaddy said...

Having listened to the Amazon 30-second previews for "Stand Up", the Tull track appears to be 'Bouree'. (Two points for the songwriting credit, quiz fans!)

This would appear to suggest that the BBC's Peel pages are incorrect, as this track is missing from their 16/06/1969 session listing. Still, I bet Ken Garner's book will get it right.

BTW, I've now managed to get my tape of this show encoded. When I get chance, I'll put it up on the currently cobweb-ridden and neglected Kat's Karavan.

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