Saturday, June 27, 2009

- Dancehall 1969 (Vol. 3)

Skinheads wore Doc Marten boots in black or burgundy, with short cuffed jeans or corduroys, flight jackets, sweater vests, Ben Sherman button downs and suspenders. Girls wore short skirts and fishnet stockings. They listened to early reggae, soul, and ska music in youth clubs. Here are some more magic tunes for you.

01 The Soul Twins - Cherrie
02 Roland Alphonso - One Thousand Tons Of Megaton
03 The Hippy Boys - Reggae Pressure
04 The Reggae Boys - Ba Ba
05 Glen Adams - Power Cut
06 The Hippy Boys - Dreams To Remember
07 Max Romeo & The Hippy Boys - Clap Clap
08 Roland Alphonso - Musical Resurrection
09 Derrick Morgan - The Conqueror
10 Tommy McCook - The Saint (The Saints Go Marching In)


Marktech said...

Blimey, I'm enjoying these. Thanks so very much!

entrailicus said...

You're more than welcome. It was particularly enjoyable cobbling them together.

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