Tuesday, March 4, 2008


After toying with the idea for too long to remember, I've finally put together the first of what may become a series of podcasts. Excuse the crap mutterings between songs and enjoy the music:

Statsera Shake

The Playlist:

- French Church - Slapneck 1943 (60’s Scarcest Garage Records (pt. 1 & 2))

- Tom Ze & Tortoise – Nave Maria (KCRW, Los Angeles, California, USA, May 27, 1999)

- The Novas – The Crusher (Rockabilly psychosis and the garage disease )

- Mikey Dread – Dread at the Controls (1982 Peel session)

- Joji Yuasa - Projection Esemplastic (For White-Noise) (Experimental Music Of Japan)

- Von Südenfed – Speech Contamination (German Fear of Österreich) (Tromatic Reflexxions)

- Sir Joe Qauterman & Free Soul - So Much Trouble On My Mind (Classic Funk Mastercuts)

- Young John Watson - Space Guitar (Loose Ends)

- The krontjong Devils - Black Boots (War of the Surf Guitars)

- The Rogers - Non Chiederò Aiuto (Stasera Shake)

- Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band – Moonlight on Vermont (Trout Mask Replica)

Duration: 43 mins
File size: 59 mb

Download the file


domestic empire said...

Excellent podcast adam. More please (",)

Did you receive my email? Seems some messages are reaching their destination from a particular server.

cuppatea said...

Will enjoy listening to this! thanks

domestic empire said...

Hmmm, that should have read:

Did you receive my email? Seems some messages are not reaching their destination from a particular server.

So It Goes said...

Adam, this podcast was a joy to listen to, and an education. I am sure the great JP is up there, nodding approvingly, and gently suggesting you don't get so close to the mike next time ;-)). Sterling work, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Didn't receive the email.

Thanks for the feedback, you've convinced me to keep going.

domestic empire said...

I've sent it about 4 times now and from different accounts in which case I give up.

Anonymous said...

Got it... as I'm sure you can tell!

Michael S. said...

Woke up this morning to a snow storm and no work day, so I popped this little baby and enjoyed the morning. Great show. Particularly enjoyed the The krontjong Devils. In fact I might steal them for my show.

And thank you for the mention.

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