Friday, August 22, 2008

- A Garner Original: 28th September, 1988

I haven't even downloaded this one yet myself, so I feel it's best to use the words of Ken Garner from the Peel Newsgroup:
Well I've finally completed my first rip of my (modest) collection of my own originated complete (or nearly complete) Peel shows, so here it is, a timely surprise for this weekend. I won't say any more about what this show was / represented / contains, or why I chose to do this one first for right now, but it will become obvious, especially if you listen from the start of the sports news. Loaded into itunes the 3 parts will flow together pretty well, but after first listening all the way through once (I really think you might like the completeness of the experience, given the context), you can always detach / discard the first part and just archive parts b and c. I was taping back then using one of those mains plug timers with the pins for 15 min periods, so I must have known I'd be out at the start, and the tape kicked in 5 minutes early. If I get a chance I'll do a full tracklisting for the wiki site over the weekend, but for now, just enjoy it.

There will be about half a dozen more like this between now and end October, I hope. Below is a summary of the route technically. I had to switch the dolby B back on (I suspect like many, until I got a top flight tape deck in 1990 or so I tended to tape with dolby on and playback with dolby off, in the car / walkman etc) because the first go was very hissy. This is my third attempt using different settings etc, and the one that came out sounding closest to the tape, so there. I just look away from the screen and wing the EQ right up and right down, then back up slowly till it sounds right. Shocking, isn't it? Let me know how it sounds. I monitored using various closed / open / in-ear headphones and playout systems, but am assuming most people, like me, will probably listen on an ipod/mp3 player, or a desktop computer linked to a reasonable stereo, but probably not a real audiophile setup. The feature I really like in the software I got is the graphic, neat little kicking analog VU meters: now that, I can understand.


Download details:

Peel 1988-09-28a, R2 Sports Desk & R1 10pm news bulletin, 7' 34"

Peel 1988-09-28b, 56' 15"

Peel 1988-09-28c, incl. start of midnight news, 1hr 03' 53"

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