Wednesday, January 9, 2008

- Siouxsie (finally): 20th October, 2004

After the recently made available Robert Smith and Underworld shows, I've finally gotten around to uploading the Siouxsie show to complete the triumvirate (don't get to use that word very often). Can someone please count how many times she uses the word 'amazing', I've lost count whenever I've tried.

Siouxsie hosts the Peel show, 20th October, 2004:

Download the file

...and here she is performing Arabian Nights with the boys

Track list:

- T- Rex - 'Mambo Sun' (LP- Electric Warrior) - (Reprise)
- Frank Sinatra - 'Night & Day'
- Iggy Pop - 'Funtime' (LP- The Idiot) - (Virgin)
- The Doors - 'Riders on the Storm' (7") - (Old Gold)
- Devo - 'Satisfaction' (LP- History of Punk Vol.1) - (Old Gold)
- The Ramones - 'Bliztgreig Bop' - (Sire)
- The Cramps - 'Garbage Man' - (Big Beat)
- Talking Heads - 'The Great Curve' (LP- Remain in Light) - (Sire)
- The Creatures - 'Godzilla' - (Tokyo Fist Mix) (LP- HA!) - (Sioux Records)
- David Bowie - 'Rock n Roll Suicide' (7") - (RCA)
- Roxy Music - 'Virginia Plain' (LP- The Best of…) - (Virgin)
- Brian Eno - 'Third Uncle' (LP- Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy) - (Virgin)
- Linton Kwesi Johnson - 'Forces of Victory' (LP- Forces of Victory) - (Mango)
- Can - 'Vitamin C' (LP- Opener) - (Sunset)
- Jimi Hendrix - 'Manic Depression' (LP- Smash Hits) - (Polydor)
- D.A.F. - 'Der Mussolini' (LP- Alles Ist Gut) - (Mute)
- Nancy Sinatra - 'Bang Bang' (LP- The Best of Cult Fiction) - (Virgin)
- Shangri-Las - 'Leader of the Pack' (LP- The Best of the Rock n Roll Years Vol.2) - (EMI+BBC)
- Johnny Leyton - 'Johnny Remember Me' - (LP- Scandal) - (Parlophone)
- Dinah Shore - 'All My Love' (Written in the Stars) - (Avid)
- Dillinger - 'Cocaine in my Brain' - (LP- Cocaine) - (Charly)
- Marvin Gaye - 'I Heard it Through The Grape Vine' - (Tamla Motown)
- Wilson Picket - 'In The Midnight Hour' - ((Atlantic)
- Sergei Prokofiev - 'Montagues & Capulets' - (BBC)
- Captain Beefheart - 'Clear Spot' (LP- Clear Spot) - (Reprise)
- Tom Waits - 'Big in Japan' (LP- Mule Variations) - (Anti/Epitaph)
- Yoko Ono - 'Walking on Thin Ice' - (LP- Season of Glass) - (Ryko)
- Siouxsie & The Banshees - 'El Dia De Los Muertos' (LP- Downside Up) - (Polydor)
- Redbone - 'Witch Queen of New Orleans' (7") - (Epic)
- Radiohead - 'Pyramid Song' - (Parlophone)


Ricardo le Grande said...

THANKS, but ....

OH NO ! it's bad quality !

Anything less than 128 kbps does sound "inferior" (and I'm not one of those self-deluded snobs who deride any "lossy" format) !

Some folk who share mp3 files indicate the quality after the file description.

If anyone has this in decent quality, please make available.

r. l. grande said...

Talking about unusual words - last night the Radio Merseyside commentator on the Chelsea v Everton game used the word 'denoument' - I kid you not !
I've got 2 degrees and even I don't
know what it means .........

entrailicus said...

Are you sure? It sounds pretty good to me!

d. l. grande said...

It's encoded at 64 kbps / 24 khz.
File size is 54 Mb for a 2 hr show.
'Nuff said.
Mind you, I agree that it is very personal. I find that stuff encoded at 64kbps can sound "tinny", like a medium-wave broadcast ; 128kbps sounds to me pretty similar to the original FM radio broadcast........

So It Goes said...

Dénouement is French and in literature it means 'a series of events that follow a dramatic or narrative's climax, thus serving as the conclusion of the story. Conflicts are resolved, creating normality for the characters and a sense of catharsis, or release of tension and anxiety, for the reader.'
How that ties in with football I do not know.
Whether the programme is bad quality or not (not having heard it yet) is surely aside from the fact that without the efforts of the person who originally recorded it and encoded it, we would not be listening to it at all, since the BBC do not see fit to make such shows available for public consumption.
Thanks for putting this up, Adam! stay free, buddy.

Blue Koyote said...

Only grabbing this now, a year later. Thanks.

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