Monday, August 4, 2008

- Efes Extra Strongly Recommended: 13th March, 1993

One of the advantages of working in a university is that you get a sizeable summer holiday. A small drawback of this is that you - meaning I in this instance - go away for weeks on end to places without internet connections and miss loads of goodies from the Peel Newsgroup, including this belter from 1993.

Right now I have a can of Efes Extra (Turkey's finest beer offering) in one hand, the keyboard in the other, a pot of steaming hot chilli on the stove and a Fall compilation on the CD player, hopefully filtering through to my Turkish neighbours who can't fail but be impressed by the likes of 'Yeah, yeah, industrial estate'. I did a workshop for other teachers recently and was genuinely pleased when the Fall CD I was using for incidental background music was nicked - another one converted. Anyhows, back to business.

This show comes courtesy of dontsleepinthesubwaydarlin on the newsgroup, who has the following to say:

Session guests include Oil Seed Rape (1st session) and PJ Harvey (3rd session), John also premiers the new Fall single "Why Are people Grudgeful?" and generally appears to be having a grand old time. It's thanks to this recording I discovered The Nectarine No 9 LP "A Sea With Three Stars", which is one of my favorite discoveries. Hope you enjoy this recording as much as I do.

I'm sure we will. Here are details for your full downloading pleasure:

(Tape 1 Side 1)
(Tape 1 Side 2)
(Tape 2 Side 1)
(Tape 2 Side 2)


Peter Tron said...

classic stuff!!!

Blue Koyote said...

I had downloaded 3/4 of this back in November. Just getting around to the final quarter now - thanks for this one.

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