Thursday, June 21, 2007

- Monkey Magic: Ian Brown

OK, so why is this bloke known as being some kind of monkey? I've never really understood that.

Ian Brown

I loved the Stone Roses. They made a big difference in my life, one of the main reasons I stopped trying to look like Axl Rose being just one good example. The debut album may well have laid the foundations for the future of British music, however, to quote from the BBC documentary you're about to download, 'it was Ian who made the blueprint for a generation of swaggering, cocksure Britpoppers.'

Having said that, the break up of the band in 1996 was really a case of us all being put out of our misery, and, 'should have also marked the end for the frontman but the following public fued with former band mate, John Squire, a spell in Strangeways prison and onstage fights at his own gigs, only seemed to further cement King Monkey's legendary status.'

This documentary Features interviews with Ian Brown as well as the Arctic Monkeys, Noel Gallagher and James Lavelle.

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Broadcast on BBC radio in February, 2006.

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