Thursday, January 17, 2008

- Yazoo in 'better than Erasure' shocker: 1982 session

Did you know that Yazoo were known as Yaz in the States? Do you care?

For a picture of them in their full early 80s TOTP glory, click here.

Living in Istanbul can be quite an experience, let me tell you. Although there are an estimated 15 million people in the city, there's not a single copy of Ken Garner's book, so somebody please fill in the gaps with the relevant info on this 1981 session. Here's Vince Clarke in post Dep Mode pre Erasure guise, with the lovely voice of Alison Moyet:

Download the file

Track listing:

- Don't go

- In my room

- Midnight

- Winter kills

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So It Goes said...

LMAO Love the new logo! and here's the best part...the original was made for me by Domestic Empire (alias Gary of John Peel Everyday)!
Thank you so much for this session, I am itching to hear it, as they were favourites of mine at one time.
Also...the John Peel Wiki...what can I say? at last a suitable outlet for your talents.
Keep in touch, bro'.

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