Tuesday, August 5, 2008

- Best Videos Ever #4: It's a Fire - Portishead

OK, first of all, a video doesn't have to be an official record company sanctioned accompaniment to a single to make this list, as will become increasingly obvious as time goes on. This particular effort was made by a fan for a college course, and while it's a damn fine effort, I feel I need to go a little bit into my own history to justify this particular choice.

In the summer of 1997, having just been wowed by Daft Punk's outstanding debut and appalled by Beck's lyrics to Devil's Haircut, the lad they - meaning I - call Entrailicus went to live in America. 1997 being three years after the 1994 release of Portishead's monumental 'Dummy' meant that I'd spent three years constantly listening to the bugger. The sojourn across the pond turned out to be pretty darn good, what with meeting my wife and all. Indeed, it was while I was with my better half, just the girlfriend in those days, that I discovered this song.

I know I'm not alone in idolising Portishead's first album, but imagine my joy, firstly at discovering the future Mrs. Entrailicus was also a Portisheadhead, but that while we hung out at her place for the first time, she put on the album and wasn't put off by my running round the room like a nutter when an all-new track six started playing. Let me qualify this a little. this isn't just a bonus track that they bunged onto the US release for the sake of it, this is possibly the coolest Portishead track ever.

What excites me about writing this post is that there may still be a few of you out there who are blissfully unaware that this track exists. How much of a part this had in me getting hitched to my other half, I won't exaggerate, but... it's only a bloody song, after all. However, I cherish the memory of first hearing it with her.

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vex said...

I'm one who was blissfully unaware, so thanks for this!

Such a great voice she has.

Nice story, very sweet.


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