Monday, May 28, 2007

- Kat's Karavan UPDATE #1

You wait ages for a new post and then loads of them arrive at the same time! I'm forever indebted to DuffPaddy over at Kat’s Karavan for the new stuff:


-18th January 1982 (the one I've been waiting for!)

-Festive 50 1983 (complete broadcast, in two parts)

-Final Top Gear 1975 (this is a somewhat longer version than the one I offer, go to the website to see how much effort was gone to to bring you this!)


While we're at it, learn more about the origin of the name Kat’s Karavan in this recent article from the Dallas Observer.

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DuffPaddy said...

Many thanks for the plug, Mr. Railicus! ;-)

Also thanks for the links. Quite a thrill for my little blog to get a mention in the Dallas Observer, although they rightfully acknowledge JPED as the guvnor of Peel sites. And it looks like the US version of "Margrave" has a foreword by Jack White. Damn, now I want that version as well!

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