Wednesday, July 1, 2009

- Dancehall 1969 (Vol. 4)

'Every so often, John was pilloried for not playing black music - absurd, really, as reggae and, latterly, hip-hop, were a staple ingredient of his shows. (He was even driven to seek police advice after the National Front responded to his playlist with a letter: "We know where your kids go to school.") John wrote in Sounds magazine: "Frankly, I listen to music with no concern whatever for the race, colour, religion, preference in breakfast foods, height, shoe size or whatever-you-like of the music makers. The only footling prejudice I do permit myself is this - musicians I suspect of supporting Everton or Arsenal have a bugger of a time getting their ponderous tripe on to the programme." '

The early 1970s saw a rise in white-power skinheads who, for reasons best known to themselves, saw the masses of new immigrants as being the cause of most of their social and economic problems. By the end of the decade, this image had become widespread and the skinhead style had fallen out of favor.

The movement underwent a resurgence in the 1980s, however, with the creation of groups like SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) and others who spoke out against neo-Nazism and were either apolitical or moderate in their beliefs. Today, skinheads hold a wide spectrum of political opinions, dress styles, and musical preferences. This is the final Dancehall installment, although next up I'll be moving on to Reggae.

Volume 4 (of 4)

01 The Music Doctors - Music Doctor, Chapter 1
02 The Rudies - The Split
03 The Cimarons - Kick Me Or I'll Kick You
04 King Horror - Cutting Blade
05 Joe Mansaro - The Thief
06 Hot Rod All Stars - Return Of The Bad Man
07 The Des All Stars - Black Scorcher
08 The Music Doctors - Bush Doctor
09 The Rudies - Devil's Lead Soup
10 Dice The Boss - Your Boss DJ


Ben S said...

That is an absolutely blinding series of posts, fantastic tunes, concise commentary. Superb work, thank you very much.

entrailicus said...

You're more than welcome, you really are.

domestic empire said...

Definitely have to grab these. Huge fan of reggae here (";)

Nice one Adam.

entrailicus said...

More comıng up some tıme thıs month so keep poppıng back Gary!

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