Tuesday, August 12, 2008

- Bruce Boxleitner Nowhere to be Seen: Ladytron Session, December, 2001

Black is the new black, apparently

This is the first of 2 Ladytron sessions that the band recorded for Peel (NOTE: the zip file is named 2002 - my mistake). Never a personal favourite of mine at the time of this session, they've since grown on me a lot: if they're good enough for Trent Reznor, they're alright by me. Learn about their Festive 50 exploits here.

Track Listing:

-Holiday 601
-Another Breakfast With You

Download the bugger:

Download the file

File size:18mb

If you're wondering about the sudden flurry of activity, it's a quiet day at work. My students are supposed to be coming to see me so I can help them with their essays that they're meant to hand in today but, sensing that I'd rather be posting on my blog, they've decided to stay away.

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Anonymous said...

I think it was recorded in Dec 2001 but not broadcast until Jan 2002

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