Sunday, July 27, 2008

- Best Videos Ever #3: Adam Ant - Prince Charming

There was a time when a band or an artist would do a Peel session or two and then within a couple of years become the biggest band in the World. This was the case for one Stuart Leslie Goddard and his gang and the status they had achieved by the time they released this masterpiece. Growing up as a nipper named Adam in the late 70s and early 80s, there was really never going to be any escaping the nickname Adam Ant, although given the Godlike genius of music like this, it was something I could live with, even at the age of 8. I've just listened to this seven times in a row while writing this post and the hairs are tingling on the back of my neck still. The late great Diana Dors looks about as magnificent as it's possible for a fifty-year-old woman to look. I expect arms-crossed prancing galore while you're watching this! And people tell you the eighties were crap, honestly...


Steve W said...

Excellent choice!

Surreal video featuring Marco on harp, completely bizarre song, message of "ridicule is nothing to be scared of", and still a UK number one!

Those were indeed the days.

Wondering if Ant Rap was even stranger -- almost no instruments bar drums, Lulu this time as love interest, diving off the castle into the moat wearing a suit of armor.

But Prince Charming was always my favourite.

Planet Mondo said...

Have you checked out Marco's new band The Wolfmen (also includes Chris De Niro on bass - who came in after Gary Tibbs) - you can read my interview with Marco here as well as some of their tunes here - they are read hot and rocking.

Great blog you've got going on here

entrailicus said...

Steve W... 'Ant Rap' was perhaps the finest utilisation of dual drummers in history and would also make for fine viewing!

PlMo... Thanks for the link, I'll take a look.

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