Monday, November 24, 2008

- 30 from 30: Peel Session PODCAST

Ok, first of all, down to business. Vote for your favourite 3 tracks from 1976 in my super duper (haven't written that in years) 1976 Festive 50. Go on, do it now. After you've done that, go to Steve's blog and vote for your favourite Peel sessions. Thirdly, go to dandelion Radio amd vote in the 2008 Festive 50. Then, only then, listen to my stupendous Peel Session Podcast.

The tracks featured today span 30 years of Peel sessions and Peel show concerts, from the late '60s to the late '90s (thirty years if my maths is right). Just to spice things up a little, I'm not going to give you the details of any of the tracks, I'd just like anyone who can identify them to leave details in the comments section below. There are a fair few classics in there, even some from my selections for Steve's Peel session 50. There are also a few more obscure tracks, which is where it might get tricky.

I've had a bad back for the last few days and have generally been feeling miserable and bored, so was really happy when Davy H pointed out that the Guardian had written a piece about the blog. I get in a bit of a downer about the blog from time to time, especially as I have nowhere near enough time to devote to it as I'd like, so it's nice to know that people out there give a damn.

Getting down to business, finally, here's the download and keep forever link to the podcast:

Download the file

Length: almost 2 hours

File size: 100mb

Alternatively, make use of the 'listen now' format:

There's much less chitter chatter from me this time, you'll be delighted to hear. I eagerly await your wildly inaccurate guesses about band names, track names and session dates in the comments section!


So It Goes said...

Ooh! Get you! And where's their bloody review of Teenage Kicks, then?
Glad you've made the press, Adam, and deservedly so. Thanks for the shout too: it's sorely needed at the mo'.

So It Goes said...

I've had a go, but there are a fair few gaps here.

*Siouxsie and The Banshees, 'Love In A Void' (Session #1)
*Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band, 'Electricity' (Session #1)
*Meteors, 'Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down' (Session #2)
*David Bowie, 'Queen Bitch' (Paris concert)
*you got me on this one
*Smiths, 'What Difference Does It Make' (Session #1)
*Cure, '17 Seconds' (Session #3)
*Department S, 'Is Vic There' (only session)
*Killing Joke, 'Wardance' (Session #1)
*Joy Division, 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (Session #2)
*Adam And The Ants, 'Deutscher Girls' (Session #1)
*Queen, 'Spread Your Wings' (Session #3)
*Damned, 'New Rose' (Session #1)
*Motorhead, 'Louie Louie' (only session)
*Cocteau Twins...
*Pavement, 'The Classical' (Session #4)
*Chameleons, 'The Fan The Bellows' (Session #1)
*Fall, 'ROD' (Session #10)
*(scratches head)
*the Beatles covered the Shirelles on this, but who these are, NFC
*OK, give up
*I know it...
*House Of Love, 'Christine' (Session #3)
*Nirvana, 'About A Girl' (Session #1)
*Breeders, 'Hellbound' (only session)
*Future Sound Of London, 'Papua New Guinea' (Session #1)
*Billy Bragg, 'Between The Wars' (Session #3)

Close, no cigar.

So It Goes said...

Forgot to say what a brilliant compilation this is. Thanks, buddy.

entrailicus said...

Have a cigar, in fact, have 2. A fine effort. Let's see if anyone can fill in the gaps.

vex said...

Sorry about the bad back(!), but that's pretty darn cool, being mentioned in the Guardian.


Now you're famous, the cash should come rolling in...


entrailicus said...

You can have a cigar too, Vex. I have what can only be described as a fairly crap set of ambitions but having something in the only paper I actually read has been one of them.

Too, too many people have downloaded this already, so I've had to set up a new divshare account and upload it again. Details to be posted soon.

I'm setting up what surely won't just be a one-person campaign for Teenage Kicks to be the next blog on the guardian's list.

The back's feeling much better, by the way.

So It Goes said...

That would be lovely of you. Thank you for the thought.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get UB40's 2nd session please? 9.1.82 -- Especially the last track, Prince Baldhead Meets Gymslip And The School Girls At The Chemist

I kicked myself that day because Peel didn't pre-announce the track so I didn't bother to tape it.

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