Tuesday, December 23, 2008

- Countdown to Festive Season #9: All New 1976 Part Two - 35 to 21

This is what people looked like in 1976

In case you're worried, I'm officially declaring this part of the chart a David Soul-free zone. This then is the second part of the chart, running down from that all-important #35 to the very brink of the top 20. My apologies in advance if you find me taking the piss out of any songs that you chose.

Podcast available in download and keep format:

Download the file

56 mb for just over an hour's entertainment. Alternatively, listen now:

There's just one video clip in this part of the chart, it's #23 and you can download it here. Stay tuned for the top twenty some time between now and the new year.


dickvandyke said...

Really enjoyed that Adam - cheers.
A few different versions of tracks too.

I'll raise a glass of Efes to you.

And don't get knocked over in downtown Istanbul with Billy Ocean playing on yer ipod either!

entrailicus said...

I don't usually like to have Billy Ocean mentioned in the same sentence as me but I'm glad to make this an exception as it's fairly sound advice!

So It Goes said...

Great!!!! Merry Xmas Adamski (shame my number one choice only made 22). Loves ya. x

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