Thursday, October 30, 2008

- Let's try again, shall we: PODCAST 6

FOREWORD: This may look familiar but I've had to repost for reasons that are becoming increasingly obvious.

Stockholm's finest: Let's Say We Did

Many, many mentions of the issue of blog posts being disappeared by big brother by my fellow bloggers, who all write more eloquently than I could manage, so I'll just get down to business and talk about the tracks on the podcast. My apologies in advance for not linking to many of the blogs but blogspot sites are currently banned in Turkey (I’m currently trawling backwards through the constitution in hope of finding one bloody good reason why but to no avail) so it’s quite awkward putting any kind of post together via a proxy server, never mind doing all the necessary htmling.

First up we have the ever cheerful Bauhaus with their tribute to a Hollywood legend, ‘Bela Lugosi’s dead’. Possibly the longest ever Goth track, certainly the last Goth I’ll be playing for quite some time, you have my word. Following that dark extravaganza is the first from Stockholm’s finest, Let's say we did, ‘Come on honey’. I’m quite enamored of their music and am happy to have finally gotten round to putting them in a podcast. Now on to your first taste of Turkish metal; I’ve been somewhat remiss in terms of playing Turkish bands on the podcasts, something I’ve tried to make up for this time. The first of four is from Insistence with their track ‘The filler’.

As you listen, you’ll find my ever meticulous preparation is at work again as I completely forget which film the excellent Frances Ashman’sPeculiar groove’ comes from (Nil by mouth, by the way). This track seemed to be a nice interlude before returning to the abrasiveness of my Turkish offerings, namely Groza and their deceptively charmingly titled ‘Denizlere döneceğim’ (which means ‘I will return to the seas’).

Let's say we did consist of Sebastian Fors, Gustav Bengtsson, Joakim Johansson, Tobias Adolfsson and Jens Wicksén. My apologies once again for the terrible pronunciation. Their second track of the podcast is ‘Galaxys’, which links in a nice Waltersesque way onto the following track, Notwithstanding’s ‘Gezegen’ (meaning ‘planet’).

Those of you who have somehow managed to avoid Ed’s excellent 17 seconds blog will be unaware of his efforts to start his own record label. His first signing, Aberfeldy, offer the delightfully catchy ‘Come on claire’. A wallow in self-indulgence for me next with one of my all time favourites of all time, Harvey danger’s ‘Flagpole sitta’. Cenotaph’s 'Horrific realms of gorextacy’ completes my Turkish selection for this time round.

In a blatant effort to pull in more punters, I’ve gone all mainstream on your asses with selected highlights from Oasis’ recent Wembley gig. Tracks featured are as follows: ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’, ‘Lyla’, ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’, ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’, ‘The Meaning Of Soul’, ‘To Be Where There’s Life’, ‘Waiting For The Rapture’, ‘The Masterplan, and ‘Songbird’. I have the rest of this gig hidden away deep in the vaults and may stick it in the next podcast if your comments make it worth my while.

Thanks again to Ed for the fabulous three tracks from the forthcoming ‘Kung Fu Super Sounds - Unreleased Shaw Brothers Soundtracks’ compilation. There’s no way of describing how cool these are: Counterspy – ‘Dirty Ho Theme', Spin Out – ‘Heaven and Hell' and The Mystified man – ‘Flag Of Iron' I’ve finished up with the final offering from Let's say we did, ‘Straight back to you’.

On to the comments section please, as you definitely, certainly, without doubt can't download this unless you do...


entrailicus said...

Guess what this links to...

So It Goes said... idea. A K-tel compilation? ;-))
Seriously, taking a podcast down is the ultimate bloody insult, especially when you told me before that you'd had no trouble with it. Hope you can keep on rocking in the free world brother (and pop your phone number in an email if you fancy a chat).

entrailicus said...

I'm just glad I wrote it up in word first as I think this deletion really would have crushed me otherwise.

david said...

Just droppped by to say Hi..

Seriously, that's not good news at all. I wouldn't have thought that the link to your podcast would have been identifiable by a bot.

Might mean 'known' bloggers are being manually checked? Which of course means that this ruse won't work for much longer.

Never mind, there's plenty of other ideas around :D

entrailicus said...


I was fairly gutted that this was deleted. I'm scared even to hyperlink the URL now, which is a shame as downloads have slowed considerably and I'd really like people to hear some of the bands I'd played.

Rumple Stumpskin said...

A fine fine collection of music please continue with your excellent work

Ed said...

Hi Adam, looking forward to hearing the podcast and glad to have been of some ideas!


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