Friday, May 11, 2007

- James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, John Peel's Sunday Show, October 28th, 1970

taylor and mitchell

It's all about the man's voice. I think I could listen to James Taylor sing just about any song. Joni ain't too bad either.

Track Listing

-That song about the Midway
-The Gallery
-Rainy Day Man
-The Priest
-Carolina on my Mind
-The Circle Game
-You can Close your Eyes

Download the show here. I can't recommend this enough, this is really beautiful music.

This post is dedicated to Eren Hill, in his first week of life.


ally. said...

this is a marvel - thank you.

Anonymous said...

18years ago The most beutiful woman i know gave birth to Kerrie jo to the sound of this music. It will always bring a tear to my eye. they are both very special to me.

Anonymous said...


Heard this show as a spotty youth Christmas 1970 and couldn't believe how good it was. Managed to make a hissy cassette of repeat off radio which I treasured and played it till it fell apart. Thought, as it was live, it would be lost forever. I'm so pleased someone had the intelligence and dilligence to preserve it. My thanks to all involved. I'm eternally gratefull - this music changed my life.

Luke said...

I heard this for the first time recently. I find it achingly beautiful. You can close your eyes I have listened to over and over, and the version of joni mitchell's 'river'. Its more than two great voices and lots of great songs, it also captures a moment. Theres such a connection between the performers, such warmth, and such simple and beautiful expression. A very special recording. Thanks for preserving it.

jeanpauls said...

i recorded the original brodcast on a mono 4track reel to reel, i wonder if there is a good quality recording out there?

jeanpauls said...

i recorded the original broadcast on a mono 4track reel to reel, i wonder if there is a good quality recording out there?

Lunette said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

I didn't download and listen to the set, but if it is the same as the track listing, you are missing 5 songs. The entire set list is as follows.

1- That Song About The Midway
2- The Gallery
3- Rainy Day Man
4- Steamroller
5- The Priest
6- Carey
7- Carolina In My Mind
8- California
9- Real Good For Free
10- The Circle Game
11- You Can Close Your Eyes
12- The Good Samaritan(Encore)
13- River(Encore)
14- My Old Man(Encore)
15- A Case Of You(Encore)

I have the entire set, as individual mp3s, so if anyone wants the rest of the songs, post on here and I'll get them to you.

ianinspain said...

Ther's been a lot of controversy over this concert, it's touted as being the Albert Hall, but as all good Sunday Show listeners are aware, JP's live shows came from the Paris Theatre in Lower Regent Street, London. In the 50's the Goon Shows were broadcast live from here, then in the 60's, every big BBC comedy show (on radio), Zeppelin performed their classic BBC shows from here in 1971 as well. I'm sure the walls of that building still sing. New link for the entire broadcast plus the rehersal songs. ''''

Shelley said...

Anonymous from Nov. 10, 2008 says he has the additional songs that are missing from this site. I would really love to have them since a careless friend lost my vinal version 15 years ago...In 1975 I worked at Tower Records in Hollywood, CA. All the artists had accounts there through their labels. One evening Joni Mitchell walked in and we ended up speaking for quite some time. I told her "I probably shouldn't say this but one of my favorite recording is is a "bootleg" of you and James Taylor from the John Peel show. She said "OMG there's a recording of that! I said "Yes, in fact I have it on cassette in my car". She said "Can we go to your car and listen to it?" So, we went and sat together in my car in the Tower parking lot and Joni wept tears of joy. In my stupid cranberry red Mercury Capri! I put her in touch with my friend and she bought every copy he had. She said she didn't have the "words" to thank for such an incredible gift! So you can understand that I would very much like to have the complete set. Thank you.

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