Monday, May 14, 2007

- My Way: Sid Vicious - Slender and Likeable at 50?

slender and likeable

Interviewer: Are you having fun at the moment?
Vicious: Are you kidding? No, I am not having fun at all.
Interviewer: Where would you like to be?
Vicious: Under the ground.
Interviewer: Are you serious?
Vicious: (quietly, and sad) Yeah.

Sid Vicious would have turned 50 last weekend. His story is a sad one indeed. The BBC broadcast a one-hour documentary last weekend commemorating him.

Download the program...

-here (part one)

-here (part two).

His version of My Way has never been a personal favourite, but never the less, here it is...

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So It Goes said...

I feel he was meant to burn out when he did. At the time, I saw somebody on the bus going to school with a badge and his picture on it, with the words, 'Too fast to live, too young to die'. My sister said those words were about James Dean, but the similarity is there. I just can't imagine either of them being 50 at all.

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