Wednesday, May 16, 2007

- June 15th, 1987

One of the seminal moments of my musical development came in November / December, 1989, when Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses appeared on the same episode of Top of the Pops. I think this was the final nail in the coffin of my embarrasing Hair Metal / Goth phase.

This instantly became much more appealing...

Needless to say my damascene conversion could have happened two years earlier, had I been diligently listening to Peel in the summer of 1987, rather than Guns n' Roses. It was a real thrill to discover 'Sally Cinnamon' and the Mondays track on this show, not to mention Sonic Youth before anyone in Britain had heard of them. The Ivor Cutler session is also a belter.

Track Listing

-Heresy - Visions in Fear
-The Thieves - Talk your Head off
-Ivor Cutler - The Shapely Balloon
-AC Temple - Make my Music
-The Marxist Brothers - title?
-The Mekons - Soapy (?) (session track)
-The Stone Roses - Sally Cinnamon
-Ivor Cutler - Clever Night Doctor
-That Petrol Emotion - The Belly Bugs
-The Hornets - The Steel Hull
-The Fat Boys - Crushin' (is this the worst hiphop track ever?)
-Ripcord - Lucky One
-The Mekons - Revenge (session track)
-Ivor Cutler - The Aggressive Onion Bender
-The L8 Connection - Freedom for Africa
-Sonic Youth - title?
-The Beat Poets - Killer Bee Honey
-Ivor Cutler - Me and my Kid Brother
-Happy Mondays - 'Enery
-John Fey (sic) - On the Sunny Side of the Ocean

Get the June 15th, 1987 show here...

Download the file

Help in filling in the gaps, as ever, is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

If you encounter too fast or too slow playback of MP3 files or if your progressbar is messed up, your MP3 files contain variable bitrate encoding. Flash isn't very good at handling these, it's best to stick to constant bitrate encoding. Also make sure to stick to a sampling frequancy that is a multitude of 11.025kHz (48kHz, for example, also poses problems)

entrailicus said...

Although the playback on Divshare sounds mental, Peelesque you might say, the actual download plays back at the right speed.

Thanks for letting me know!

DuffPaddy said...

Thanks again!

Haven't listened to this one yet, but I'll wager that Mekons track is Sophie:

Steve said...

Excellent stuff - just skimmed through so far, but the Sonic Youth track is 'Pipeline/Kill Time' and the last tune is by the mighty John Fahey, there's a neat clip of him doing that track at


entrailicus said...

Thanks for all the info, and I'm glad these are bring pleasure to you.

Actually, I did some research on the Mekons track but quite wish it had been called 'soapy'.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog - Peely RIP & always missed.

Could someone tell me how to d/l - never used Divshare before, do i need to join??


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