Monday, June 15, 2009

- Punishment of Luxury sessions, 1978-79

Formed in December, 1976 in the north-east of England, Punishment of Luxury, also known as Punilux, came from a background working in left-wing English fringe theatre groups. The band took their name from an 1891 painting by Giovanni Segantini in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. A four-man post-punk band, they first released a single, Puppet Life, in June 1978. Shortly after, the band recorded the first of two Peel sessions, followed by a second in 1979.

By 1979 they had signed to the major label United Artists and released the single Jellyfish/Engine Of Excess and the album Laughing Academy. 1980 brought the release of the single Secrets/Brain Bomb, which received both critical acclaim and also sold fairly well. A European tour followed and United Artists sent the band into the studio to record another album, a concept album to be called Gigantic Days. However, while the recording was still going on, United Artists were taken over by EMI, who dumped the band. Punishment Of Luxury released two further albums, Seven in 1983 and Feels Like Dancing Wartime in 1984. The album Gigantic Days was finally released, on CD, in 1998.

In 2007, they reunited and played a few songs for the basist Jimi Giro's 50th birthday party. A little more than a year later they landed a gig at a small pub in Gateshead, which was considered a success and was reviewed in The Guardian newspaper. The band are apparently planning more gigs in the future and possibly introducing more new material. They are currently enjoying gigging, on June 12th they played in Kilburn, North London.

30/08/1978 : TRACKLIST

-Funk Me
-Let's Get Married/You're So Beautiful

30/05/1979 : TRACKLIST

-Radar Bug/Metropolis
-British Baboon

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Anonymous said...

File not found. Please please pleaase please please pleaase please could you repost this. I have been waiting 30 years to hear it again. Please please please. Thanks you for all the terrific material that is here already.

entrailicus said...

I'll get back to you on this one, I promise, but I'm notoriously disorganised so give me a chance.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for both these Peel sessions.

Anonymous said...

I second that request! Please repost these sessions!

Anonymous said...

Please re up these.

Anonymous said...

I have emailed you and you said you would get round to it but I have been holding my breath and I had to post this and breath again.

Anonymous said...

Please please please please please please re up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What about you send them to me on a disc?

roberto said...

I have landed on this blog googling Punilux,if you ever will re upped these sessions it will be a great thing...cheers

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