Thursday, April 30, 2009

- Iggy and Bowie terrorise Dinah Shore on daytime TV

Some things just seem like a bad idea at the time, others need to be viewed as such in retrospect. Yet others can simply be labeled as WTF moments. This falls into the latter category. You have to ask what on Earth they were thinking inviting Iggy Pop onto daytime US TV in this way. If you want to know who Dinah Shore is, click here.

Just for good measure, here's a short clip of Iggy on the Old Grey Whistle Test:

Monday, April 20, 2009

- Podcast 15 in all its glory

So, here's the belated track listing for the podcast:

Del Close & John Brent – Introduction
Toots & the Maytals - 54-46 was my number
Pocket Fishermen - The leader is burning
Dead Kennedys - California Über Alles
Queens of the Stone Age – Misfit love
The Stooges - No fun
Imperial Leisure - Untouchable
Yuksek - Break ya
Franz Ferdinand - Can't stop feeling
Dave Clarke - Live on John Peel (4-2-2004)
LR Rockets - Death of the UK
Filur - 28 - I want you (feat. Magnum Coltrane Price)
Fake Problems - The Dream Team
Mansun - Peel session (7-10-1995)
Genius Mess Poets - Lost in translation
The King Blues - Save the World, get the girl
Papa Roach - Hollywood whore
Acid Junkies - Wrathchild
Legowelt - Run To The Hills
Mr. Velcro Fastener - The Trooper
Rude 66 - Killers

Thanks to the many of you who downloaded this on blind faith alone, it's appreciated.

Download and listen now links are one post down.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

- Not yet, we're not ready: PODCAST 15

Don't say you weren't warned. Here I am back again with yet another podcast, featuring Dave Clarke live on Peel, a Mansun session from 1995 and some of the finest elektro NWOBHM you'll ever hear.

Download the bugger (125mb for 140 minutes of music).

Alternatively, listen now:

Full details to come in the next post.

Friday, April 10, 2009

- Podcast 14 in all its glory

 Peel enjoying bathtime, apparently

First up, and what better way to get things swinging than with a track from the glorious days of rampant sampling, we have Eric B and Rakim’sI know you got soul’ as it appeared in the 1987 Festive 50. This if followed by ‘My circuitboard city’ by The Wombats, Micachu’sGolden phone’ which you’ll either love or hate and Mando Diao with the track ‘Give Me Fire'. Blatant cutting and pasting next with Davy H's ruff roots reggae mix, stolen directly from his exquisite blog and deposited here for your delight. We have Jackie Edwards with 'Invasion', Jackie Edwards with 'Invasion' again, Culture’s 'Natty Dread Takin' Over' and finally Eek A Mouse with 'Heroes Dead and Gone'.

Peel sessions featured this time round are Freddy Fresh's session from November, 2003, for which I have Steve to thank. There’s also the culmination of the White Stripes' 2001 Maidas Vale session, the first half of which featured in the last podcast, as did New Order’s first session, the the second Peel Session from 1982 appearing this time round with the tracks ‘Turn the heater on’, ‘We all stand’, ‘Too late’ and ‘5-8-6’.

This podcast also features Empire of the sun'sWalking on a Dream’, the 1990s track ‘Vondelpark’, Mute Math’sSpotlight’, The Bravery with ‘Believe (Moon version)’, The Job with ‘Killer’ and Blue October’sDirt room’.

Download and listen now links are here. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

- Uncle Jim's birthday bash: PODCAST 14

My brother Jim, uncle of my two little 'uns, has just turned 27, good age for all but world famous rock stars, so this podcast is dedicated to him for looking after our mum in my absence.

As usual, the track listing will come later so as to avoid post deletion from Big Brother. For those of you who can't wait, here are the download options.

Download: 130mb for 2 and a half hours of listening pleasure.

Listen now:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

- JP on Room 101 (part 3)

In the final part of the show, JP continues his pursuit of bearded men and tries to get rid of clothes shopping.

Monday, April 6, 2009

- JP on Room 101 (part 2)

Part two of JP on room 101, in which he tries to rid the world of death, footballers shielding the ball out of play for a throw-in and, strangely enough, men with beards.

Friday, April 3, 2009

- JP on Room 101 (part 1)

This is a show I used to enjoy a great deal way back when I used to live in England. For those of you not from the UK, the format is quite simple and is explained in the opening moments of the show. I didn’t see this one at the time, though, and it’s nice to see both JP and Paul Merton in fine ‘grumpy old men’ form. The show comes to you in three ten-minute parts over the course of the next week or so as the files are all pretty large and I’ve had to set up a new divshare account as it is.

In part one, JP attempts to discard driving through Essex and men with colds.

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