Friday, November 30, 2007

- Will Entrailicus make it to the 50?

It's not too late to vote for Entrailicus in this year's fifty.

Download the file

Urban Sprawl by Entrailicus, previously unreleased.

Thanks to my fellow Peel fanatics at John Peel Everyday and Teenage Kicks for the support they've shown me, and to all those of you who have downloaded my song and given it a listen.

- Big Ozine UPDATE #7

Another week, yet another fine collection of free mp3s over at the Big Ozine:

- Led Zeppelin: Earl's Court May 25, 1975

- Santana: Tokyo 1981

- Glen Campbell: Christmas Concert 1998

- East Of Eden: Zurich 1970

- Eric Clapton: Hong Kong 2007

- Talking Heads: Jabberwocky 1977

- Led Zeppelin: Earl's Court May 24, 1975

- Sting: Chicago Session 1993

- The Rolling Stones: Acetates

-Santana: Winterland 1973

- McCoy Tyner / Santana: Civic Auditorium 1983

- The Rolling Stones: Static In The Attic

- The Jam: Dortmund 1980

- Whitesnake: Reading 1980

Like I always say, remember to read the articles too!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

- May 12th 1981: The Birth of the Haircut

Tons of fabulous new Peel stuff over at the king of Peel blogs John Peel Everyday, including this show. It's noted that the transfer from tape to computer has caused some of the early 80s shows to run a bit fast. Well, I've started the laborious process of slowing them down. These downloads run 5% slower than the show on John Peel Everyday. This show marks the debut of the most famous haircutted band in history, Flock of Seagulls.

Flock of Seagulls

Part 1 (62 mins):

Part ONE

Part 2 (57 mins):

Part TWO

Siouxsie was always cool. It was great to finally hear my favourite Banshees song on a Peel show:

There was also a belter of a cup final that year (and replay), although be warned that if you follow THIS LINK you'll end up watching the Chas ‘n Dave Tottingham cup final song, not highlights of the game.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

- Liverpool’s (almost) last stand: 1987 Festive 50 Part 3

Some of you have lost the will to live waiting for me to post this and I apologise. I’ve noticed some comments about my describing this year as the beginning of the end for the Liverpool dynasty, and your comments have been duly noted.

In some ways, my assertion could be regarded as total bollocks. After all, Liverpool won the ’87-88 league title with a comfortable nine-point margin and just two defeats all season. Their key players were two new signings - winger John Barnes and striker John Aldridge - who helped defy any doubts that people might have had as to whether Liverpool could challenge for honours after Ian Rush's departure, also quashing my prediction that Liverpool would be relegated without their goal scoring legend.

However, my post on Arsenal’s league cup hinted at the rise of the George Graham side, who went some way to usurping Liverpool in the following years. Also, second in the league were Manchester United, rejuvenated under Alex Ferguson - who had bought some impressive new players including Brian McClair and Steve Bruce. OK, it took them a while but they eventually knocked Liverpool off their perch.

The ’87-88 vintage was quite spectacular to watch, John Barnes at the peak of his career almost unplayable. Although I only got to see it on TV on midweek sportsnight, I still regard the 5-0 victory over a very good Nottingham Forest side as being one of the best games I’ve ever seen.

Liverpool went on to win the league again in ’89-90, but it was becoming more and more obvious that the players they were signing were crap and then Graeme Souness…

Anyhow, on to the show, originally broadcast on 23rd December 1987:

21. Smiths - Paint a Vulgar Picture
22. Motorcycle Boy - Big Rock Candy Mountain
23. Smiths - Sweet and Tender Hooligan
24. Smiths - Half a Person
25. Smiths - Death of a Disco Dancer
26. The Fall - Athlete Cured
27. Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full (sampling was still legalish)
28. Railway Children - Brighter
29. Smiths - I Won't Share You
30. Bhundu Boys - My Foolish Heart

Download the file

Friday, November 9, 2007

- Blindness, April 2006

A classic Fall clip for the weekend.

As good as ever. The rest of the '87 Festive 50 will be posted next week. Promise.

Monday, November 5, 2007

- Entrailicus bids for Festive 50 Immortality

Hi guys, long time no post. Sorry but the little'un has been more than a handful recently - approaching 5 months now.

Anyhows, noticing that the 2007 Festive 50 is now under way, I've decided to launch my bid for immortality here on the blog. I'm officially offering one of my own compositions for your consideration. Entitled Urban Sprawl, this is a track I've been working on for quite a while. As it stands, it still astounds me every time I listen to it, and for any of you out there composing your own music, you'll know how hard that is to achieve.

Voting in this year's Festive 50 is easy. click on the pic below:

Festive 50 2007

My new ambition in life is to be a featured artist on the ever wonderful Teenage Kicks Festive 50 as an artist.

However, I don't want sympathy votes: only vote for me if this track startles you into taking action. Please, whatever you do, download the bugger and give it a listen..

Download the file

Urban Sprawl by Entrailicus, previously unreleased.

I was umming and aaghhing for ages about this, I eventually decided on aagghh.

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