Tuesday, May 15, 2007

- Have New Order Broken up?

'This is probably just Hooky messing about. Everyone knows what he's like'

Blue Monday

According to an article in the Guardian last week, Peter Hook claims that New Order have indeed split. It seems that he hasn't got round to telling the rest of the band yet, so this could all just be hot air.

Most of the band's best work was done when I was still a nipper, Blue Monday, for example, totally passed me by as a ten-year-old...

...so it was only when I was a bit older that I really appreciated them. Truth be known, True Faith has always been my favourite...

Anyhows, New Order were featured in a series of BBC radio documenatries a while back called Time for Heroes, which you can download here. You can find information about the documentary here.

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I for one quite like the drivel you write, but thanks for the new button anyway. ;-)

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