Friday, September 19, 2008

- New Peel Shows

Just a quick summary of some of the new Peel shows that are now available in digital format. Thanks to all those who have put in the time and effort to make these available...

1: Monday 26 September, 1988

Session artist is Four Brothers, an mp3 @ 320 kbps
Tracklisting available here and more information on the '500 box' here.

2: Peel on daytime radio

Peel's complete first lunchtime show from Easter Monday 1993, 5th April.

PEEL stands in for  BRAMBLES

part 1: 1993-04-05a, 12.45-1.30pm

part 2, 1993-04-05b, 1.30-2.15pm

part 3, 1993-04-05c, 2.15-3pm

3: Peel's 50th birthday gig

Recorded at Subteranea London the night before Wednesday 30th August 1989, and broadcast on that evening (24 hrs later).

Peel 50th Birthday show 1989-08-30a (part 1)

Peel 50th Birthday show 1989-08-30a (part 2)


So It Goes said...

Thanks for the publicity for the 1988-09-26 show, Adam: looks like I need it, with not a single download yet (or a word of recognition apart from your good self).
P.S. That originally came out as 'god self', which for you would have been appropriate too! Cheers buddy! ;-))

entrailicus said...

Thanks to you for getting in on the big box action.

Steve W said...

Yeah, this is a great one. Especially the Peel comment at the end.

Trying to sort out a Wiki entry and realized we already have one by Adam for the night of the actual show (rather than the broadcast).

So now have entries for both 29 August 1989 and 30 August 1989.

Thinking some sort of merger might be good, although haven't attempted this. Are you cool with this, Adam? Fancy doing it yourself? I can give it a go if you don't mind.

And thanks again to Steve (SIG) for the first from Colin's big box! Looking forward to more.

entrailicus said...

Bit busy at work at the moment, but I'm sure I'll squeeze in time to change the entry. Sorry I missed you on instant message earlier today.

Steve W said...

No problem on the instant messenger. Just wanted to say hi. Be good to catch up with you at some point.

I'm working a lot today as well -- don't what it is with Sundays -- as well as watching assorted Premiership footy matches. Currently half time in Villa-WBA.

On the Wiki thing, I was thinking it might be most straightforward to paste the contents of your current page 29 Aug onto a new page for a write-up on the Fall performance that night.

Then we can have links to that on the 30 Aug page plus the Fall page -- and reuse the 29th Aug page for that night's radio show (with a links on it to both the new page on the Fall 50th birthday set and the 30 Aug page.

Half time over.



So It Goes said...

ALERT: you might want to update the link for 1988-09-26, Adam, as I was not happy with the first effort (too much dropout) and have done better this time: The new link's on Wiki too.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful selection of shows. Thanks so much.
Blue Koyote.

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