Tuesday, September 23, 2008

- 1978 Shows

There seem to be shows coming left right and center these days, which is only a good thing, of course. It's getting hard even trying to find the time to download them all, never mind liten to them. Here's a selection of the latest 1978 offerings from the fabled 400 box:

1978-07-31 (Patrik Fitzgerald, Magazine)

1978-08-04 (Adam & The Ants, The Fall sessions)

1978-08-08 (All records show, Robin Tower album)

1978-08-15 (Tyla Gang session)

Thanks as ever to those doing the ripping.


Ken said...

Great shows! Many thanks for putting these up and for a great website -Cheers!

entrailicus said...

You're more than welcome, although Imust admit I'm woefully behind in terms of letting you all know about recent 'releases'.

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