Monday, September 8, 2008

- 1976 Festive 50 Heartbreak #1: War's 'Low Rider'

So it begins...

Inevitably, asking you to trawl through your memories and choose 3 tracks from 1976 was going to cause problems, i.e. some of yous would end up picking songs from '75. In a rare case of me actually researching for the blog, I've come up with the first such case of 75ism. ın this case, it's War's classic 'Low Rider'. According to this quote which I've lifted blatantly from Wikipedia,

"The lyric takes the cool image of the low rider — the Chicano culture practice of hydraulically hot-rodding classic cars — and using innuendo, extends the image to a lifestyle."

It's a bloody great track, never the less, and so is getting aired now.

Download the file

If you're one of those select few who chose this, feel free to get back to me with an altyernative.

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