Friday, September 19, 2008

- 25 years of the Festive 50

Peel's commemorative shows from 19th ;December, 2000. Thanks to big Ken Garner for these beauties:

"25 Years of the Festive 50" Special, pt 1

142.9 MB
1 02' 27"

"25 Years of the Festive 50" special, pt 2

137.9 MB
1 00' 14"


domestic empire said...

PART 2 "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable."

What's one less when I'm falling SO FAR behind. Just letting you know. Probably just a temporary server issue though.

Onion Terror said...

Thanks for posting these shows. Megaupload is a pain but still good to finally get them.

entrailicus said...

Gary, I think it was just MEGAUPLOAD being its usual crap self, I tried today and it's working fine.

Onion Terror said...

I just had problems with my wireless cutting out halfway through then having to wait about an hour to be able to try again. I've finally got them now though!
By the way, about the bass lines I was on about - I haven't got round to them yet as my mic wasn't recording. I'll try to remember soon!

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