Wednesday, September 10, 2008

- 3 Track Demo Out Now

So, I finally sent my demo CD to those lovely folks at Dandelion Radio. I thought about this long and hard, after all I abhor the music industry and think it sucks the life out of so many who choose this as a profession. My music has always been solely for my own personal pleasure, I've never sought to gain from it in any way other than in the satisfaction of having produced something that I thought was pretty cool.

I've certainly gone to great lengths not to use this blog as a tool for promoting what is in essence my hobby, not even listing my myspace page anywhere on it. Never the less, a part of me would like others to give my stuff a listen and say, 'hey, that ain't bad', or not of course. So, here's your opportunity to slaughter me and my efforts...

The Entrailicus 3 Track Demo:

- Urban Sprawl
- The Future II
- French Influence

Download the file

File size.12mb

Comments, as ever, are welcomed.


Onion Terror said...

Hi. As I do similar things with my music, I'm currently downloading it and I'll post my thoughts when I get time to listen to it (probably not till the weekend now). As I'm in the same boat as you, I'll be happy to give you my feedback.

entrailicus said...

That would be just lovely. Like I said, this is really just a hobby and as long as listening doesn't induce instant vomiting, I guess I'd be happy.

Onion Terror said...

Hi again. I've listened to the demo twice now. The first track is good, it's well structured and is a full song all the way through. It has a good vibe and is enjoyable to listen to.
Tracks 2 and 3 also have good structures but I feel that both of them are lacking without a bass line. They need this to be able to carry them along better, especially track 3 which is longer and gets a bit repetitive towards the end.
I can hear ideas for bass lines for both of them: track 2 needs a fairly mellow one and track 3 would work well with a faster funkier line. If you like, I can record my ideas and mix them into these two tracks. Let me know.
I hope this has been useful for you.

entrailicus said...

Would love to work on something collaboratively. Thanks for the feedback and I'll be in touch.

Onion Terror said...

No worries. Yeah, email me if you want to.

Paul Webster said...

It did arrive at Dandelion Radio - and I have passed it on to one of the DJs. We do try to let people know when we play their material ... but if we forget then the tracklistings are posted at the end of each month.

entrailicus said...

Thanks Paul, I think Dandelion would be the only place I'd deem worthy of having my music played, hope that doesn't sound prenetious, it just means I have a lot of respect for you guys.

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