Wednesday, August 13, 2008

- The Peel 400 at the JP Wiki

I'm glad to say that the John Peel Wiki that I started (and then proceeded to neglect) is now becoming a valuable resource for documenting Peel's radio shows. This is perhaps the best way to document the the so-called '400 Box' of approximately that number of cassettes featuring material from the John Peel show between 1978 and 1982, purchased jointly on eBay by the John Peel newsgroup in July 2008. The first show from this formidible collection is now available in digitised fromat for your listening consumption. Details of the wonderful 7th July, 1978 show are available here.


Steve W said...

Once again, cheers for setting up the Wiki -- and looking forward to your continuing contributions. Just checked out your Frankie Miller addition today. It hadn't really registered with me before that he was in the 1977 Best Sessions show. I'll add a date link when I get home.

In an idle moment at work, just looking how to set up a Wiki forum -- seems pretty easy. Will also have a shot at that. May as well have our own one over there rather than try and stick everything on one thread at Perfumed Garden and/or block up the newsgroup (as appears to be happening).

So many things to think about on the Wiki. I keep starting stuff and then getting sidetracked.

Thanks again,

Steve W

steve w said...

OK, have got a couple of forums on the go at the Wikipage. Please see here

All comments on how to move forward with the Wiki page gratefully received

entrailicus said...

Eline saglik as we say in Turkey (health to your hands (so you can keep up the good work)).

I'll check out the forums.

steve w said...

And also wishing you eline saglik!

(Only Turkish I can recall is "bir beer istiyorum" -- two beers, please -- but might have misremembered that, and no idea of the spelling obviously.)

So It Goes said...

Why is it that I came up with the name 'The 400 Box' and everybody says 'so-called' before it??? Is it not a good enough name?
Cheers a lot for the Blancmange download, though still have no idea why you sent it. 수고 하세요, as we say in Korea (it is pronounced 'soo go haseyo' and means 'don't work too hard' to us, but in Korean is exactly the opposite. Throws interesting light on the Asian mindset, don't you think?).
P.S. Why is You Tube banned in Turkey? Can you still see the films I put on TK?

entrailicus said...

I think the 'box' is held in too much reverence for it to be referred to by its actual name!!!

RE: Blancmange - just a subtle hint for a future post at your place :) I think those early 80s years were the absolute pinnacle of the 12 inch remix, although I have to say that the 'Living on the ceiling' effort is fairly conservative compared to some of that era.

I was nine when that record came out and had to get my mum to buy it for me - still love it though.

steve w said...

Hi folks,

With objections noted, just to let you know I've knocked "so-called" off the 400 Box page on the Wiki, along with a few other updates.


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