Wednesday, August 6, 2008

- Dr Mango Strikes Back: November, 1989

Dr. Mango is back in action over on the Peel Newsgroup with another offering, this time from 1989. Again, his words are undoubtedly better than mine:

Apart from an obvious edit after the first song, this is a continuous segment of Peel show. JP mentions a football score before the last track, which allowed me to date the show as being in the week from Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd November 1989. Sadly, there are no session tracks to allow me to pinpoint which of these days the recording is from.

Track listing:

-Kevin Sizier (?) - ? Soap opera song
-Sly Williams - I Believe in a Woman
-I, Ludicrous - Britische Architect
-Gary Clail and the On-U Sound System - A Man's Place on Earth
-Elvis Hitler - ?
-Jordan Shittaka (sp?) & his Sisters - Dishiwa Denga
-Alan Martin & Bobby Nut - I'm Following Sheffield United

Length: [24:49]
Size: 22.7 Mb

I've also uploaded photos of the track listings of the cassettes from which this show, and last night's 1981 mix, were taken:

1981 tape

1989 tape


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