Sunday, August 17, 2008

- Lucky, Lucky, Lucky: Faust Session, 1973

"It's really impossible to say which is my favourite… Perhaps Culture - I wish they'd done more. The Slits was something of a classic, and I liked several by The Wedding Present. There's been a few American bands that it would have been nice to have - The Doors, Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead - for a while it was difficult to get American bands into the country in the Sixties and Seventies."

John Peel in an interview with Interzone magazine

JP may not have got biggies like the Doors or Jefferson Airplane, but he did manage to get this a bunch of beary weirdy Krautrockers. Ostensibly active as a band between 1971 and 1975, Faust have in fact plodded along quite happily in various guises to this present day. On a somewhat unconnected theme, I've finally managed to watch Life on Mars, and am eagerly awaiting the torrent of Ashes to Ashes to finish downloading.

What are you listening to that for, you nonce?

As those of you who drag yourselves to this blog on an alarmingly frequent basis will know, I'm still sans Ken's book and rely on the gap-laden Keeping it Peel website, from which I can find no mention of the three tracks you're about to download. Please leave comments if you can enlighten me. Apparently, this session predates my arrival on the planet by six months or so, being from March, 1973 (dubious connection to Life on Mars now becomes obvious).

Track listing:

- The lurcher
- Krautrock
- Do so

Download the session:

Download the file


So It Goes said...

I hate to tell you this, guy, but this is not a Peel session. Faust recorded two sessions, the first transmitted in June 1973 and the second recorded at the end of 1998. But March 1973? These titles? Nowhere to be found in Ken's tome. Sorry.
I'll still download it, though to hear what they sound like...

entrailicus said...

I assumed as much, so if anyone can tell me what it is, I'd be glad for the info. Do you think this is a record for time lapsed between first and second Peel sessions?

So It Goes said...

As a matter of fact, for longest gap between any session, they were pipped to the post by the Incredible String Band (if you've never heard The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, you're in for a treat). 11th session Oct 73, 12th Nov 2000. Gap: 27 years. As for first and second session only, yes, they take gold for that one (26 years).

DuffPaddy said...

Odd, this. These tracks are listed, with the dates you give, on Faust's BBC Sessions CD, but nobody seems quite sure if they were actually recorded for a BBC session!

e.g. check here. Steve B's comment at the bottom is interesting, as it suggests the tracks might have been intended for a BBC (presumably Peel) session which never took place.

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