Monday, August 18, 2008

- NME Interview: August, 1979

I've had this tucked away in the archives for quite a while now, and must confess to having no idea where I got it from.

This is quite a lengthy interview with NME journalist Paul Morley dated August 18th, 1979. Peel discusses the music scene of the time, which is quite relevant to the recent unearthing of the 'so-called' (Sorry Steve) 400 box.

I've PDFised it for your increased reading pleasure. Download the little gem here. If I got this from you, thank you very much.


So It Goes said...

20 downloads and no comments??? Shame on you all.
Thanks for this, Adam!
Some guy named Steve [from so-called Teenage Kicks] ;-))

Steve W said...

Many thanks indeed for this. Really fascinating stuff. Most coherent Paul Morley thing I've read in many a long year.

Seems like the night being described is 9 Aug 79 -- which had only one session, by the Cravats (according to Ken's book).

Alas, Rocker's spreadsheet for the first 99 tapes only reaches June 1979 (they're pretty much in date order), so will have to wait until the second 100 to know if we get this one.

Would love to hear the first play of the Quads song. Taped it off one of the shows back in the day. I remember how much he kept playing it and raving on about it -- it also made his famous box of special singles that was the subject of a TV doc after his death.

Anyway, sure we'll get to hear it some time in the course of the famous 400 Box.


Steve W

PS I kind of lost track -- was there a final tally for the 1976 vote of a little while back? Who won?

entrailicus said...

Thanks guys, glad to get some respopnse! I'm an August 9thian so it would be nice if this does refer to that date.

The '76 FF poll will run until the start of December then I'll compile the chart - still waiting on a lot of you regulars to vote!

Bruno Stroszek said...

"This file is unavailable until Sep. 1, 2008 because the uploader's account has reached its download limit. You can access it immediately with a DivShare Personal account!"

Any way of downloading this without signing up for an account?? or am I missing something?... Thanks!

entrailicus said...

Basically, my account is free and people can download the upoloaded files until the level reaches 10gb in a single month, which it just has.

The limit resets to zero at the start of the following month.

As this limit seems to be too small for all you downloaders, I'm going to set up a new account. Please bear with me.

domestic empire said...

If someone can email me the file I can mirror it.

Steve W said...

With Rocker's expanded spreadsheet now available, I think the 9 Aug 79 show talked about in the article is going to be there -- as tape 24 and tape 122. Result!

domestic empire said...

Mirror: pdf or rar. Or here, in case hotlinking is disabled.

Thanks Adam \o/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.
Blue Koyote.

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