Wednesday, August 20, 2008

- Hi-Tech Audio

As some of you know, I'm something of an amateur muso myself, I stress the word amateur! However, I do dream from time to time of being able to devote time, energy and resources to doing something more than twiddling with samples. One day, after the lottery win, I'd love to invest in a live sound mixing console such as the one's I found over at the Hi-tech Audio website. I know some of you out there are into this side of the 'business' so ı thought I'd divert a little from the norm - bear with me! Hi-Tech Audio is a dealer for what they consider to be the top three manufacturers of digital audio consoles in the world - Yamaha, Digico and Digidesign.

If you're thinking of making the jump and investing in something like a yamaha pro audio console setup, you'll want to make sure that you're going to be getting the best service you can. In my investigations on the net I came across Hi-Tech Audio and their reputation seems to precede them, not just in selling mixing consoles but also in used pro audio equipment. For the moment, my dream of ever moving into live sound audio remains just that, but I guess if I ever abandon the day job this website is where I'll start looking.


domestic empire said...

Speaking of desks, I recently bought one of these for my project studio. Very reasonable on price and no skimping on sound quality. And 12 proper channel strips too - none of that shared nonsense. I recommend Dolphin Music here in the uk.

If you hanker after porn of the music-tech variety, then bookmark Matrixsynth if you haven't already.

entrailicus said...

Had a feeling this might interest you! I'll check out the links.

domestic empire said...

Ha ha, yes your feeling was correct.

I have an email drafted, besides the one i just sent, on the subject of making music.

I think I've mentioned this somewhere before, but I do, unfortunately, draft significantly more messages than I usually send. I'm somewhat scatelogical and easily distracted. Good god I'm describing a child! But a kindly child I like to think \o/

Digression over. Sending aforementioned email shortly.

There. Done!

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