Friday, April 27, 2007

- Peel documentary from Australian Triple J radio, 2004

Truth be known, I've no idea where or from whom I got this documentary. Never the less, it's a good one, with lots of good stuff from many Peel sessions throughout the years. It was broadcast shortly after Peel's death.

Triple J Radio

I don't know anything about Triple J radio but their website offers many free downloads of Australian bands and is worth a look.

Download the documentary here.


domestic empire said...

Maybe you found it here, though I can't swear to it ;-p

John Peel Tribute - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Fades in Slowly looks good - There can never be too many web sites devoted to, influenced by or just referring to the great man.

entrailicus said...

Thanks for your kind words, I look forward to new stuff on your site, too.

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