Friday, April 13, 2007

- New Year's Eve, 1975

A short time after my second birthday and Peel's in good form here. I've listened to this one many times and love the fact that we only get to hear the last thirty seconds of the Toots and the Maytals track, much more than if I could hear the whole thing. I guess it's knowing that somewhere way back in the mists of the 70s, somebody decided to press the record button at just that second and this is the historical document we're left with. Did I warn you this would occasionally involve self indulgent claptrap? Apologies for this and all subsequent lapses.

Track listing

Toots and the Maytals - Louie Louie
Ivor Cutler - Pearly winged fly
Ivor Cutler - Go and sit on the grass
The Cate brothers - Time for us
Ivor Cutler - Life in a Scotch sitting room (vol.2 #11)
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
Ivor Cutler - Fremsly
Isiro Sabissa (sic) - Uhuru
Richard Thompson - New St. George
Ivor Cutler - Sleepy old snake
Ivor Cutler - Little black buzzer
Sadistic mika band - Go Johnny go
Betty Williams - (If she's your wife) who am I?
Ivor Cutler - A wooden tree
Max Merritt and the meteors - Slippin away

Pay close attention to the way Peel describes the Cate brothers' track, and how he predicts it will be one of his favourites of 1976. He really didn't see that whole Punk thing coming, did he?

I'm sure that many of you will be dismayed that the Max Merritt and the Meteors' offering is cut off in the middle, which is why I spent literally seconds googling Mr. Merritt in order to find this live recording of the Antipodean legend's track. I've tried to contact Max to see how he feels about having been on Peel's show, but he's busy until June and unable to get back to me until then, apparently.

Here’s the link to the December 31st, 1975 show.

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