Friday, April 13, 2007

- Festive 50 1979 top 10

At the time of broadcast I was six years old, and to be honest probably didn't stay up late enough to be able to listen to Peel all that much at the time. Consequently, this means a lot more to me nowadays than it did then.

This particular 50 dates to the time before Peel had made the chart year-specific, and as a result it bears striking similarites to the 50s of the previous and following years.

The quality of the recording is as delightfully bad as you'd hope - washy mediumwave signal fading in and out.

Legend has it that this was recently discovered at a car boot sale and purchased for 25 pence. If I could put a price on this recording, I'd probably say it's worth a bit more than that.

Here’s the link to download the 1979 festive 50 top 10. If you have any problems downloading from MEGAUPLOAD, let me know and I might try and sort it out.

Be warned that number 3 seems to be missing, although that just makes it all the better if you ask me.

Track Listing

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK
Undertones - Teenage Kicks
Jam - Down in the Tube Station At Midnight
Clash - Complete Control
Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster
Special AKA - Gangsters
Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device
Public Image Ltd. - Public Image
Damned - New Rose


Mark L said...

Hi there. This link seems to be down. Re-up please?

entrailicus said...

I'll do it today. Thanks for letting me know.

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