Monday, April 30, 2007

- August 27th, 2002

Like a lot of people, I'm happy to admit, I spent quite a bit of 2002 listening to the White Stripes, who by that time we all realised were very good. In contrast, and again like many of us, I didn't spend nearly enough time listening to John Peel, who, naturally, I assumed would live forever.

Incidentally, this is almost 25 years to the day after the last Peel show I posted, which for the contrastive (is that a real word, and if it is, can it really be used to describe a person?) among you may make for good, er, contrast.

Track listing

-Hixxy - 'Alternative (12")' (Jelly Baby)
-Cinerama - 'Careless (EP)' (Scopitones)
-Niney the Observer - 'Dub Born Free (10")' (Jamaican)
-The Icarus Line - 'Live ' (From the Reading/Leeds Festivals)
-Digital - 'Deadline VIP (2x12")' (Function)
-James Yorkston And The Athletes - 'Tender to the Blues (LP-Moving Up Country)' (Domino)
-Miss Elsie Southgate and her sister Dorothy - 'Rubenstein's Melody in F (Pig's Big 78)' (2onophone)
-The Knockouts - 'Monkey Mantra (LP-Cannibal Lounge)' (High Town)
-Me Against them - 'tension and Release (CDR)' (White Label)
-Karsten Pflum - 'Lire skuffe (7")' (Snake Eyes)
-Von Bondies - ' Live' (from the Reading/Leeds Festivals)
-E.U. - 'Nou Comp (LP - EU Presents Christmas Baubles and Their Strange Sounds)' (Lo)
-The Breeders - 'Buffy Theme (EP - Son of Three)' (4AD)
-UFO - 'Deep Inside (Hixxy Remix)' (Raver Baby)
-White Stripes - 'Live' (from Reading/Leeds Festivals)
-John Lee Hooker - 'Tupelo (LP - Live at Newport)' (Vanguard)

In addition to listening to the White Stripes, I also spent a lot of time, I'm less eager to say, watching Buffy, and consequently was really happy to discover The Breeders' version of the theme in this show.

Download the show here. Thanks to whoever it was out there who took the time to transcribe the track list for this show. If it was you, let me know.


Anonymous said...

wonderful ... thanks for taking the tie to do this

entrailicus said...

You're more than welcome. I'll be posting stuff all the time, so keep coming back!

Anonymous said...

That's the Cinerama track which was written as a result of something JP said isn't it?

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